Designer Feature: APPARATUS

Apparatus' 37 Orb Cloud

Apparatus’ 37 Orb Cloud

I’ve been looking at a lot of lighting lately – mostly out of necessity for a few exciting projects we are working on. Although there are a few studios based here in New York whose work I really admire, APPARATUS is one of my recent favorites.

Highwire from APPARATUS

Highwire from APPARATUS

Detail of Highwire

Detail of Highwire

A collection created by designer Gabriel Hendifar and partner Jeremy Anderson, their lighting fixtures have a wonderful sculptural quality. Continue reading

Labor of Love


I recently visited a new gallery, Auxiliary Projects, in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Founded and run by two artists, Jennifer Dalton and Jennifer McCoy as a collaborative project space.  Auxiliary Projects works closely with an artist each month to produce a series of small hand-made multiples to exhibit in alongside the artist’s larger works. These hand-made multiples are available for sale at a price no higher than $300.  One of their primary goals is to facilitate wider distribution for the artists they are working with and to enlarge the community of people who can collect art.  For me there is something very appealing and democratic about this mandate.

Michelle Forsyth

Image Courtesy of Auxilary Projects

I was impressed with Michelle Forsyth’s exhibitionLetters to Kevin (which has since ended).  Continue reading